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Pembroke Painted

Our Pembroke dining range is a collection with a unique mixture of contemporary and classic design, making a statement with British design and quality. Finished in stone grey with lime washed oak work surfaces and solid drawer linings, the extensive range has 14 beautiful pieces to choose from.

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Pembroke 140-190cm Extending Table

Dimensions; H:785mm W:1400-1900mm D:900mm

Pembroke 180-240cm Extending Table

Dimensions; H:785mm W:1800-2400mm D:900mm

Pembroke Console Table

Dimensions; H:785mm W:1150mm D:400mm

Pembroke Dining Chair

DImensions; H:960mm W:460mm D:585mm

Pembroke Lamp Table

Dimensions; H:560mm W:450mm D:450mm

Pembroke Large Bookcase

Dimensions; H:1900mm W:950mm D:350mm

Pembroke Lilly Dining Chair

Dimensions; H:990mm W:460mm D:600mm

Pembroke Narrow Dresser Top

Dimensions; H:985mm W:1150mm D:350mm

Pembroke Narrow Sideboard

Dimensions; H:915mm W:1150mm D:430mm

Pembroke Round Dining Table

Dimensions; H:780mm W:1070mm D:1070mm

Pembroke Small Bookcase

Dimensions; H:1200mm W:950mm D:350mm

Pembroke Wide Dresser Top

Dimensions; H:985mm W:1400mm D:350mm